A Girls Guide To Makeup Brushes

Something I always struggled with when starting out with applying makeup was finding the right brushes. My #1 tip and the key to a perfect makeup application is using good brushes. When I first started out I just used what I had, which was a mix of random drug store ones and things I got on Christmas/Birthdays in various sets. (I’m not shaming drug store brushes in any way because they have a great selection there too). But you catch my drift, my brush selection was all over the place!

When it comes to makeup brushes, there are so many different brands, materials, and types to choose from. The most important thing is the materials of the brush, rather than the name brand on the handle. There are two types of brushes: SYNTHETIC and NATURAL, different types of brushes work best with different types of products in order to achieve certain results.

Natural Makeup Brushes: Natural makeup brushes are usually made out of various animal hair (Usually goat). These brushes are best to use with powders such as eyeshadow, bronzers and other powders, They pick up the pigment and product easily, and blend flawlessly on the face and eyes. If you were to use a synthetic brush with powders it would most likely stick in one spot and not blend out even.

Synthetic Makeup Brushes: These brushes are made up of bristles, usually from nylon or other synthetic fibres. These brushes are great to use with liquid and cream products, such as concealer and foundation because they won’t trap the makeup and the hard bristles make creams and liquids easy to spread.

Most brush sets available to purchase come with both natural and synthetic brushes to give you the optimal selection. Now, it’s hard to say what each single brush does because so many artists use brushes for different looks and in different ways. What I mean by this is just because it says its a blush brush DOES NOT limit that brush to just blush products. I use eyeshadow brushes for my highlight, I use angled eyeliner brushes for my concealer and the list goes on. Don’t limit your brushes, theres no right or wrong answer! Do what works for you.

Now there are so many amazing and useful makeup brushes out there, but not every last one is necessary to your collection. If you’re not doing makeup for your career, and you just need the necessities; buy what you need. Theres no need to buy a Mac EZ1005079 pointer brush  if you don’t need it right? (I’m joking but thats what makeup brush lingo sounds like to beginners doesn’t it?) . The basic brush set usually includes a foundation brush, a few powder brushes, a two ended eyebrow brush, and a variety of eyeshadow brushes.

A few of my favourite brands:

Mikasa Beauty This is definitely one of my favourite makeup brush companies. They’re a little more pricy, but the quality is worth it if you’re looking for an essential brush kit that will last you an extremely long time. The brushes are gorgeous to look at, and the quality is even better! I use these brushes whenever I’m doing makeup on a client, they look really professional (and make me feel professional). They have a lot of different sets available, such as eye essentials, face essentials or the overall essentials kit. You can use my code for 25% off your order: BBEABYLEX25 *this is an affiliate code, but I would never endorse a product I didn’t stand by 110%*

BH Cosmetics This is another one of my favourite websites to buy makeup brushes. If you’re ballin on a budget this is definitely where to go! They have great sets available with all the essentials for a great price. This is where I bought my first set and my first brush belt and I remember being SO excited to get them because I felt professional having matching brushes. They’re great quality and have all the necessities you need!

Morphe Brushes This is a really popular brand, you’ll find a lot of beauty bloggers and youtubers using or talking about these brushes. They’re also a really great price, and have high quality brushes. The ONLY thing which actually hurts my heart is they don’t ship to Canada! Like, we need nice things too. They do sell select brushes at the “Showcase” or “As seen on TV” stores but only a few!

TIPS for my gals:

  1. Clean your brushes regularly (at least every two weeks!) because bacteria starts to grow and its pretty disgust. You can use shampoo mixed with warm water and twirl your brushes in the bowl, rinse, dry off and place upside down to dry. You can also buy a brush cleaner!
  2. BLEND GIRL BLEND: This is more of a makeup tip but when you’re using blending brushes on your eyes don’t stop until your hand has no feeling. Dats how you get that perfect smooth look!
  3. Spray your brushes with FIX + for more pigment, setting spray or even water!
  4. Clean your brushes or try to rub off some of the colour onto a napkin before switching colours with the same brush

For more information, heres a review guide I found really helpful:


Thanks for reading! I hope it helps and I hope you guys liked it.



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