Review: Kylie Cosmetics Vacation Edition

Hey lovelies!

It’s been a while, i’ve been cramming at school and just trying to make it to the end. I’m done on July 27th and then I’m a certified Esthetician! It’s been such a journey, but i’m really glad I did it.

Anyways, back to what you all came for. If some of you didn’t know Kylie Jenner came out with a new collection called the Vacation Edition. It’s a summer based collection, and it’s perfect. The packaging is absolutely to die for, as you can probably see in the header photo. She chose golds and nudes, with a camo print and it suits the products super well. I actually had no phone when she released the first few teasers and my friends were sending me pictures and I was like dying to get a sneak peek. Her swatches were 15/10 amazing on all the products, and her highlighters really caught my eye. You know I like that blinding glow so I was all about that. Girl you nailed it..

I only purchased a few products;

Take me on Vacation: Pressed Powder Kyshadow Palette ($52)

I knew I definitely wanted this palette so I ordered it right away on her first release which I believe was June 15th. It’s a mix of matte and shimmer, and I love the broad range of shades you get with it, it allows you to make several different looks easily.  After I purchased it, I read and watched some reviews and most of them were negative so I got pretty upset because this was supposed to be a new formula. LIES PEOPLE, this palette was extremely blendable, pigmented and overall I LOVED it. I would definitely recommend this for anyone, and especially if you’re starting out. The matte shadows blend so easily and it comes with a two ended brush thats super easy to use too! This is my new go-to palette.


Super Glitter Gloss: Glitz ($15)

I’m all about the glitter & the glam, I’m always doing the most and I love being covered in sparkles. So when I saw the swatches of these I knew I had to try one, I decided to get glitz because the other shade which is “Glamour” is a little too gold/copper for me and I know i’d just never use it. This is a rose gold glitter gloss, which comes in the same tube her other glosses do with the same applicator. Honestly, not so impressed with this one. When I swatched it, it looked gorgeous.  When it was on the lips it looked a little different and I mean its definitely pretty, but I was expecting more of a glossy glitter and this is more of a metallic looking shade. It’s not as sparkly as I thought, overall it just looks metallic and that doesn’t vibe with me. If you love metallic makeup, you’d definitely be into this! It would work great on top of a lipstick or clear gloss if you were to tap it on the cupids bow or in the middle of the bottom lip for some extra shine. (Thats what I would do)


OK so onto my favourite I can’t wait

Ultra Glow Loose Highlighters: Tahiti & Fiji ($14)

So if you think you want to glow to the gods or glow in the dark.. this for you girl. I’m like a highlighter fiend I absolutely love it and can’t do my makeup without it and I’m not talking a little natural spark on the side of your cheek I mean like blinding people as I walk by. So when I saw the swatches of these I almost passed out, like I’m being dramatic but they’re so pretty. So definitely 15/10 would recommend if you want a crazy glow, the only thing is loose highlighters are a little harder to apply but my favourite way to do it is with my finger I feel like I have more control! Swatches down below:

Tahiti & Fiji



So, those are all the items I personally bought and overall I was really impressed! The prices weren’t as bad as I expected and definitely worth it for what you get.

The Vacation Edition also includes;

The Wet Set (A wet to dry highlight palette) $62

Face Duo (Bronzer and Highlight Palette) $34

Lip Kits (Individual Velvets) $30

4 piece lip sets (Vacation Edition Velvets) $45

You can also buy the entire bundle with everything but the wet set for $250!

Thanks for coming out and letting me talk about makeup! I hope this review was helpful, as always don’t be afraid to reach out if you have any questions.

I hope you liked it XX


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