Microdermabrasion: My experience, the benefits, and the results

Hi there! I know its been a minute since I’ve been back on here writing but I am officially done school and am a certified Esthetician! How adult is that? It’s like I have a title now, so when people ask me what I do I don’t have to have that awkward talk about how I don’t know what I want to do with my life yet. I mean I actually still don’t really know, but there are so many different aspects to my education and I need to find the right fit for me. I’m 21, I have time right? (thats what i keep telling myself).

So today I wanted to talk about microdermabrasion. I feel like a lot of people don’t really know what it is,  the benefits or how it works. Basically, its a type of mechanical exfoliation which removes a small layer of dead skin and can be done all over the body. This treatment is a method for improving superficial environmental aging, hereditary, and skin changes (for example, acne, acne scars, hyper pigmentation, stretch marks, large pores, blackheads, and fine lines). 

What to expect when going in for a treatment:

When I received microdermabrasion it was in class when we were training, I did not really need this procedure done but we did train on each other. I have really sensitive skin, so I did have a reaction for about a week after. Nothing major, just small bumps on my face but they did bother me (appearance wise). Basically, you start off by cleansing the skin with a gel-based cleanser and making sure the skin is dry before starting. The machine used looks a lot like a facial machine, which has a long tube connected to a wand used by the Esthetician. You can attach either a diamond or crystal head to the wand for the exfoliation process, and its good to know which one they will be using on your skin. The diamond pieces are used for their durability and strength, diamonds do not let off a dust or powder during use which the crystals do. Also, the diamond systems are made with diamonds, while crystal systems are (typically) made using aluminum oxide crystals. Diamond wand work like a sort of sandpaper, scraping the dead skin cells away , before using suction to remove skin cells and dirt. On the other hand, crystal heads actually shoot out aluminum oxide crystals onto the skin accompanied by heat, essentially “blasting” your skin, before using suction to remove crystals, dirt, and skin cells. In my opinion, the diamond heads are a lot safer and a lot more efficient. The residue left behind from crystal heads can actually be harmful!

How does it feel?

This procedure isn’t and should not be painful, it feels like vacuum suction which can be a little uncomfortable, but never hurt. They complete two circuits of movements all around our face bringing the wand up and to the side. Your skin will be extremely sensitive after getting this done, which can result in redness but don’t be alarmed it will go away. Usually the Esthetician will finish off with a nice cooling mask to reduce redness and moisturizer to protect the skin. After getting this treatment, you MUST stay out of the sun and defer from wearing makeup for the rest of the day. This can irritate the skin and have long term effects as its in a vulnerable state.I don’t recommend this treatment for anyone with sensitive skin, skin conditions, people who receives laser treatments or are on medication such as accutane.

Price: $100-$200 per session

I hope this helped anyone with questions, and as always don’t be afraid to reach out if you have any more questions! xo



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