My favourite heels to look cute but stay comfortable

Like any girl, high heels are one of my biggest weaknesses. I have bought and worn all different kinds of high heels, making me a little bit of an expert in the art of shoes. For woman who don’t wear heels, they can be a little bit of a scary subject. You hear horror stories of girls falling, or not being able to walk correctly and their heels breaking and it can be a lot to handle.. but it doesn’t need to be!

I started buying my first heels in high school, that weren’t bought buy my mom for a banquet or school dance. It’s kind of tricky when you don’t know what to look for, which is why many of my shoes are still sitting in my closet never worn.

If you’re looking to purchase some heels, heres a few tips:

  1. Tighter fitting is always better than your shoes being loose, if you’re wearing loose shoes your foot will slide around and make it hard to keep your balance and walk.
  2. Lace up heels are a girls best friend, not only are they super trendy right now but they’re extremely easy to walk in. No matter how high the heel is, I find having the laces are a big help. You’re able to secure your foot in the shoe to your comfort level, making it easy to walk and reduce pain.
  3. Cushion pads for the inside of your shoe- you can buy these at any retail shoe store. It goes inside of the heel, wherever the ball of your foot sits which helps reduce the arch in the shoe as well as provide comfort for long wear.
  4. Booties with a block heel can be a great starting point to get your foot comfortable with the arch position and get used to walking.

Some of my favourite shoe stores:

Two of the most stylish and comfy heels that I own! (Click to purchase)



I hope this helped & go out and get yourself some new shoes girl!



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