Finding your passion, and doing what you love

Hello loves, its been a minute since I’ve posted but i’m BACK!

I wanted to write this post because theres so much pressure recently to have your life figured out and so quick I may add. In high school, they make you pick your courses based on what you’re interested in for your future career. When you’re 16 and 17, most people don’t know what they’re interested in or what they want their future to look like. A lot of people who have passions and interests that don’t match societies standards of acceptable careers are pushed aside and told to choose something more practical. Why is that?

There were so many times where I felt lost, because I wasn’t interested in anything I should have been. My passion was makeup and beauty, I loved making people feel beautiful and seeing the look on their faces when I enhanced their features. I began to love doing my own makeup as well, trying out different things and learning new tricks. I was never interested in anything I was learning in high school and I feel like a lot of people can relate to that. I knew going into cosmetics wasn’t even an option after high school, I had to pick a university program that was suitable for a career (stupid). Long story short, don’t waste your time and money doing things you’re not interested in. If you find something you love doing, make it work and fight for it.

I think the best thing I’ve ever done was following my heart and choosing myself over what other people wanted for me. Nobody else is living your life, nobody else is feeling what you feel and nobody else knows you like you. If theres something you love to do, don’t let it pass you by to settle for an average life doing something you hate. I know things take time, and I know dreams have to wait. I’m not saying by doing something else for the mean time that you’re settling, it takes time to achieve those things. Whether it be working a part-time job thats super extra annoying or going to school to get an education in something else to have a back-up plan or have extra schooling. Everyones situation is different, all i’m saying is that you shouldn’t let anyone stop you from doing what you love, because finding something you feel passionate about is rare, and don’t let it slip. Choose you every time, choose happiness every time and don’t be afraid to explore things you’re passionate about.. it could be the life you never thought you could have!

I hope you find the courage to do everything you’ve ever wanted!



2 thoughts on “Finding your passion, and doing what you love

  1. Kader says:


    I love your blog. You are such an insightful person and all your submissions are awesome. Thank you for sharing and i hope u get some well deserved exposure because your content is well put together and your website is well built🔥

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