Beauty Must-Haves This Summer!

Well, its that time again. The sun is shining and the heat is rising, in other words: we’re sweating and our hair is frizzy. We all love summer, but it can really put a damper on a girls look. I picked out some products I love for summer time to stay cute and cool, whether it be makeup, hair products or accessories.

One thing thats always on my mind in the summer is my makeup, especially when I do a full face. I worry about it coming off due to sweating, running due to water, or looking oily due to the heat. In general, the best advice I can give is always set your makeup with a primer, this is the best way to guarantee your makeup won’t move. A few of my favourite primers for summer are the Benefit Cosmetics Pore-fessionl Face Primer, and the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer. These are great options for any skin type, but they’ll be especially beneficial to someone with oily skin, which what makes them great for summer. They are both oil free, smoothing and mattifying which are all qualities you want in primers to keep your face set throughout the day. You can of course find cheaper options if you’re ballin on a budget but these two just happen to be my faves. Another product I swear by to keep my makeup on all day is setting spray. A lot of people don’t realize the benefits that setting spray has, because its such a light mist on your face but I can guarantee when I add some setting spray to the end of my look, I don’t have to worry about checking my face throughout the day. My go to is the  Urban Decay Chill, Cooling and Hydrating Setting Spray which keeps makeup from smudging or settling into fine lines and has temperature control technology that actually chills the surface of your makeup to keep it looking perfect for up to 12 hours. A big problem in the summer for woman is mascara, whether you’re at a pool party or not, mascara tends to run and it can be a pain. I always recommend using a water proof formula during these hot months, its a pain in the ass to get off at the end of the day but it doesn’t budge! My favourite is the L’oreal Lash Paradise Mascara, this can be bought at any drug store (just make sure you get the water proof option). I always swim with this formula on, and it doesn’t run or make your eyes look racoon-like (we’ve all been there). Now if you want a more permanent option, a great service you can get done is lash tinting. Basically, eyelash tinting is a really quick procedure. They add a special dye to your eyelashes, leave it on and then wipe the dye off and they’re instantly darker. The whole thing can take up to 20 minutes give or take and the effects can last for as long as four to six weeks! It basically looks like you’re always wearing mascara, and you can usually get it done at any type of salon for an average of $20-$40 depending where you go.

My biggest struggle in the summer has to be my hair, it either doesn’t want to stay straight, it wants to get frizzy and staticky or it doesn’t want to stay curly so i basically can never win. I found a few products that help me with this, so I hope they can help you guys too (Girls have to stick together you know). To help my hair stay smooth and frizz-less I always use the Pantene Shampoo and Conditioner (Smooth & Sleek), its inexpensive and smells amazing too. I find my hair always stays soft when I use this, and doesn’t get that annoying static and frizz. Another great product I use, not even just in the summer but all throughout the year is dry shampoo. I don’t know who came up with this idea but this is seriously a lazy girls best friend… my hair looks fresh and clean as if I just showered after one use, and removes all the grease I may have had. My all time favourite is the Batiste Dry Shampoo, they have all different kinds depending on your hair colour and what works for you. You can honestly buy this stuff at Walmart or any department store for great prices and its gold. Last but not least, my all time favourite hair spray is the Ouai Texturizing Hairspray, which is basically hair spray and dry shampoo combined which is perfect for the summer because it keeps your hair soft instead of being stiff and still holds the look you want!

I just wanted to mention a few summer accessories and clothing items that I love and purchased for summer time and I hope you love them too! Click on the pictures to purchase, if you’re interested 🙂


I hope you this post helped you, and I hope you stay cute and cool this summer!



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