Daily Skincare Routine

Hello Lovelies!

I wanted to come on here and talk about my updated daily skincare routine. I can’t even begin to stress how important taking care of your skin is! To sum it up, your skin is the largest organ of the integumentary system and its job is basically to protect the rest of your body. Not only does the skin hold everything inside where it should be, it also plays a crucial role in providing security for the rest of the body. Basically your skin keeps all the bad stuff out.. so take care of it! If that doesn’t make you want to take care of your skin, think about the fact that it’s also first thing everyone sees when they look at you. Treat your skin well and it’ll treat you well in return!

I never used to pay much attention to what I did, or what I used until I went to school and learned about all these bad things I was doing. So if you have bad habits, don’t be ashamed.. so does everyone else. Before I explain my daily routine, here are a few tips and tricks that helped change my skin:

  1. Drink LOTS of water
  2. Avoid rubbing your eyes, or using rough towels etc around the eye area (the skin is extremely thin and this can cause wrinkles)
  3. ALWAYS take your makeup off before bed, your skin needs to breathe and this is the time to let it. When you’re constantly clogging your pores with makeup and oils, this can cause breakouts
  4. Avoid touching your face with your hands, especially when they aren’t clean

Night Time Routine:

Makeup Removing: My first step to my routine is always removing my face and eye makeup. My favourite product for this is the Clean & Clear Makeup Removing Foaming Cleanser. They also carry this makeup remover in wipes, and they can be used on your face and eyes which is perfect for lazy people, like me.

Cleansing: To wash my face I use the Tatcha One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil, which is extremely hydrating on the skin and washes away all the dirt and oils that my makeup remover may have missed. This can also work as a makeup remover, I choose to use both as an extra precaution but if you don’t want to use both its not necessary. It can be used on all skin types, and is also known to help with dryness, wrinkles and fine lines, as well as dullness.

Exfoliating: After I cleanse my face, I keep it moist and use the Tatcha Rice Enzyme Powder to exfoliate and remove the dead skin cells, leaving my face bright and soft. This is basically a powder that transforms into a foam when mixed with water, and I massage it onto my face to exfoliate. I really like this exfoliator because I feel unlike other ones, its soft and not harsh on my skin. Again, this can be used on any skin type!

Serum: I just recently started using a serum, and I’m really loving it. I use the Ole Henriksen Truth Serum; After I’ve exfoliated and dried my face, I massage the serum onto my face and neck and then pat it until its dry. Serums can be extremely beneficial for anyone, but especially people with dry skin types. Serums are like daily multivitamins for the skin, this one is specifically formulated with Vitamin C and anti-aging properties. I also find it keeps my face hydrated and bright! I usually leave this on by itself for about an hour, before I add my moisturizer on top of it.

Moisturizer: My favourite moisturizer is the Tatcha Water Cream, it’s extremely light and when I massage it into my skin I hardly feel it. It’s oil free, which is awesome especially for people who tend to be on the oiler side. I use this in the morning and before bed, it sits extremely well under makeup and I never have to worry about having dry skin.

For my morning routine, it’s basically non existent. There actually is a thing called washing your face too many times, it can actually make your skin more oily due to the fact your stripping oil when you keep washing it, and basically it starts working over time to replace that moisture. When I wakeup, I usually just rinse my face with water in the shower and apply my moisturizer again.

That wraps up my daily skin care routine, tips and tricks, and any other info I got for you!

For more info, see my older post on all things skincare related here

Thanks for tuning in and stay clean!



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